Interview Hyperminer – Extracted Earth (YOU AND AI Exhibition / Onassis Foundation)

Curator Daphe Dragona conducted an interview with Frederik De Wilde on his new work ‘Hyperminer – Extracted Earth’ as part of the three-week festival ‘YOU AND AI: through the algorithmic lens’ hosted by the Onassis Foundation in Athens from June 24th, 2021 until July 25th, 2021.

Exhibition: ‘YOU AND AI: through the algorithmic lens’


Frederik De Wildes new work ‘Hyperminer – Extracted Earth‘ was included in the online section of the exhibition ‘YOU AND AI: through the algorithmic lens‘. In this interview De Wilde delves deeper into extractivism, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data driven decision making and hyperspectral imaging.

‘YOU AND AI’ is an exhibition that explores artificial intelligence not as some future potentiality but as a present-day reality. From social media platforms using algorithms to select the content we see and hear, not to mention our friends and where we go out, to digital maps that suggest places for us to go and how to get there, to predictive text on our mobile devices that completes our sentences for us, writing along with us, artificial intelligence is now to be found on our very bodies.

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Interview on Hyperminer – Extracted Earth

  In the last episode of the ‘You and AI Q&A’ series, Berlin-based curator and writer Daphne Dragona interviews artist Frederik De Wilde. The project was realised during the ‘Geographies of an AI’ residency organised by the Onassis Stegi Foundation, 2020/21.

‘Hyperminer – Extracted Earth’ explores the hyper extraction of natural and economically valuable resources using advanced mining acceleration technologies by the means of hyperspectral imaging, artificial intelligence and data-driven decision making.

In the artwork we see how deposits are allocated, extracted (speculative) and used to create a new geode composed of the most valuable natural resources found on Earth.

About the ‘You and AI Q&A’ series

  ‘The You and AI Q&A’ is a series of short interviews – broadcasted via Movement Radio – that took place on the opportunity of the ‘You and AI: Through the Algorithmic Lens’ festival. Participating artists from the exhibition and the conference share their thoughts on the possibilities and limitations of machine learning, discussing how it affects social interaction and communication, art and culture, as well as our relationship to the living environment.

Discussions with e.g. Lauren Klein, Suzanne Kite, Jake Elwes, Tega Brain, Irina Mirena and Anna Ridler unfold around questions of power and forms of inclusion and exclusion concerning the datasets and the systems of classification of Artificial Intelligence Infrastructures.

Listen to the Q&A

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