‘Hyperminer – Extracted Earth’ at FAKE ME HARD exhibition

The exhibition FAKE ME HARD presents over 40 futuristic installations including Frederik De Wildes ‘Hyperminer – Extracted Earth’. The exhibition runs at AVL Mundo until August 15th, 2021.

Hyperminer – Extracted Earth is a multichannel video exploring extractivism, hyper spectral imaging, AI and advanced mining technologies.  


After centuries of mining, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find large concentrations of valuable minerals close to the surface of the earth. New technology can help us to identify deeper deposits with great accuracy. These technologies are e.g. artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning, and hyperspectral imagery.

With spectral cameras, the exact location of for example metals can be detected. In this speculative video installation we see how natural resources have already been found and mined. Subsequently, they are used to create a new geode composed of the most valuable natural resources found on earth. Is this the end station of the Anthropocene?


The exhibition ‘FAKE ME HARD’ where you’ll find ‘Hyperminer – Each Extraction’ takes place at former harbour warehouses in Rotterdam, AVL Mundo. Visitors await an uncanny landscape that they can enter safely, each with their own fake profile.
Other guides to the post-truth society include Deborah Mora, Arthur Boer & Boris Smeenk, Tabita Rezaire, Liam Young, Beeple, Johan Grimonprez, The Yes Men, Squarepusher & Daito Manabe, Jeroen Jongeleen, Pinar Yoldas en Joey Holder.

Press on FAKE ME HARD exhibition

‘Ambitious and at times baffling, FAKE ME HARD manages to provide the public with a dazzling selection of varied works. You enter and immediately get sucked in. You can’t explain how it happened, but now you are here. Where will you go? How will you get out?’ – Metropolis M

‘FAKE ME HARD” is not made for the faint hearted, but will appeal to those with an unbridled belief in progress. An exhibition about digitalisation and algorithmic techniques. It delivers powerful, physical images. Colourful, lively, rhythmic and seductive. And sometimes deafening. ★★★★☆’ – Volkskrant

‘Within this bleak post-truth picture filled with dystopian deepfakes, polarising algorithms and fake news infused discourses, it’s refreshing to also celebrate the extraordinary ways in which we can outsource technology to develop beautiful innovations and gain alternative narratives within the Anthropocene.’ – Glamcult


Tickets are available from the Fake Me Hard-website. Before visiting AVL Mundo, take a virtual tour!

Listen to an interview with Frederik De Wilde on Hyperminer – Extracted Earth (click here) and read more about the project (click here)