“YOU AND AI” through the algorithmic lens

Radio interview with Frederik De Wilde for “YOU AND AI” through the algorithmic lens organised by the Onassis Stegi Foundation with curator Daphne Dragona. 2021. “YOU AND AI” is an exhibition that explores artificial intelligence not as some future potentiality but as a present-day reality. From social media platforms using algorithms to select the content…


MoonArk To Be Unveiled at Thrival Festival

Studio De Wilde is very proud to be part of this amazing collaborative art and science project. After nine years and the work of over 300 people, the MoonArk will be unveiled at the Thrival Innovation & Music Festival on Thursday, Sept. 28. It will then be on display in multiple venues before it heads…


Interview RTBF

Interview for the RTBF in the framework of the exhibition ‘Ex Nihilo, Nihil Fit‘ (Out of Nothing, Nothing Comes). Artists: Patrick Tresset . Julian Oliver . Rachel RossinMichel Paysant . Jerry Galle . Dries DepoorterOlga Mikh Fedorova . Frédéric FourdinierFélix Luque . Leah Schrager . Kris VerdonckRyoichi Kurokawa . Frederik De WildeSébastien Lacomblez . Robert…


Sandra Gunn

“This is a very striking collaborative between the hard edge world of science and the world of conceptual art.” Sandra Gunn, Curriculum Director of the City of Glasgow College, Great Britain.