• Frederik De Wilde is a post-conceptual artist working on the interstice of art, science and technology;
  • The conceptual crux of De Wilde’s innovation driven artistic praxis are the notions of the inaudible, intangible and invisible;
  • De Wilde is fascinated by dark ecologies and invisible territories in digital and physical spaces;
  • Frederik pioneered the Blackest-Black Art (an innovative nano engineered colour for a new industrial revolution exploring the nature of nothingness)
    in collaboration with Rice University and NASA;
  • De Wilde exhibited in Europe, USA, Asia and Australia: Venice Biennial, BOZAR,Le Musée L, National Gallery Singapore, Artscience Museum Singapore, MAAT, CENTRE POMPIDOU, Carnegie Museum, Frost Museum;
  • Carnegie Mellon’s MoonArk project is acquired by the Smithsonian Museum and joins the permanent collection. Frederik is core member and his blackest-black is part of the project (https://www.cmu.edu/news/stories/archives/2022/june/moon-ark.html);
  • He is a finalist of TED Ideas Worth Spreading 2013 Global Talent Search, Giant Steps’ x-prize lab MIT, ZKM app art award, Worth.eu, MediaFutures.eu;
  • Frederik was awarded the Ars Electronica Next Idea Voestalpine prize, Creative Cities EU award;
  • Author of  several published essays and papers (Amsterdam and Chicago University Press, MIT press, Leonardo Journal, …);
  • Carnegie Mellon University MOONARK Core member in collaboration with NASA and Astrobotic;
  • Affiliated artist at The Unconventional Computing Laboratory UWE Bristol founded by Prof Andy Adamatzky;
  • Alumni of the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and the Arts;
  • Associated member of Diplomatic World;
  • Founder Studio De Wilde bv, Hyperthinkers.xyz;
  • Former guest professor at the Artscience Interfaculty in Den Hague, Transmedia Brussels, St. Martins College London;
  • Frederik collaborated with the KIT Karlsruhe, Hasselt University, Wyoming University (AI lab), ESTEC, NASA, JRC EU, GLUON, Baltan Labs, Stratasys ltd.;
  • De Wilde made a short film entitled “Joy Palace” supported by the Flanders Audiovisual Fund, and is currently working on a VR production supported by the Flanders Audiovisual Fund.



Frederik De Wilde’s artistic praxis situates itself on the interstice of art, science and technology exploring notions of the inaudible, intangible and invisible in digital and physical spaces. De Wilde critically examines the impact of technology and the role of art in our increasingly hyperconnected, -automated, -polarised world but which potentially offers a new model, new aesthetic with new consequences and organisation. 

“I am fascinated by dark ecologies and invisible territories, and like to examine the radical shifts technology imposes on society and our “environment”,  sometimes on the side of the technological, often in the conceptual, perceptual, sensorial and human register. My artistic praxis is grounded in the interaction between complex systems and processes resulting in post-minimalist and techno-poetic aesthetics. Moreover, the indistinct, diffuse, ‘fuzzy’ area where the biological and technological overlap and commingle is a productive and favoured ground for my projects. I consider art not only a mirror to reflect on society with a critical lens, but also a hammer to shape it.” – Frederik De Wilde

An excellent example is the conceptualisation of the pioneering original Blackest-Black artworks (a new nano engineered colour for a new industrial revolution exploring the nature of nothingness) made in collaboration with Rice University and NASA. The project received the 2010 Ars Electronica Next Idea Award and the Creative Cities best European collaboration award between an artist and scientist. The project was extensively covered (e.g. Huffington Post, Dazzed, Creators Project, TED ideas worth spreading, Creativity World Forum 2011, and inspired many other artists worldwide; most notably Sir Anish Kapoor (Vantablack). More info here: www.linkedin.com/in/frederikdewilde



Frederik studied fine art, media art and philosophy. He is a laureate, and alumnus, of the Royal Flemish Young Academy of Belgium for Science and the Arts; artscience expert at the JRC EU; guest professor at the Artscience Interfaculty in Den Hague, Transmedia Brussels, St. Martins College London. Frederik is also an innovation consultant, evaluator and jury member for Innovative Partnerships of the Flemish Ministry (BE). Frederik collaborated with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, the University of Leuven (Prometheus, division of Skeletal Tissue Engineering), Hasselt University (I-BioStat), UGent (Textile Department), Wyoming University, …, and many other organisations (e.g. ESTEC, NASA) worldwide. De Wilde is a finalist of ‘Giant Steps’ which aims to bring an artist to the Moon supported by x-prize lab MIT; finalist of the ZKM app art award with Coremites; Finalist of Worth.eu; Finalist of MediaFutures.eu; Finalist of BetterFactory.eu; Fred was Nominated for the Chinese 2019 “Present Future” Art & Technology Star Award.

De Wilde has exhibited at notable places like (selection) BOZAR museum of fine arts (Belgium), Brakke Grond (Netherlands), ZKM (Germany), Carnegie Museum of Arts (USA), Venice Biennial 2017 (Italy), MuST museum (Italy), MetaMorf Biennial (Norway), National Museum of the 21st Century (Italy), Kunsthal Amersfoort (Netherlands), Art Basel (Switzerland), Tetem (Netherlands), Todays Art (Netherlands), Z33 (Belgium), Scopitone (France), Singapore Art Science Museum (Singapore), MAAT museum (Portugal), Whitechapel Gallery (UK), Carroll/Fletcher gallery (UK), Centre Pompidou (France), National Gallery Singapore (Singapore), Vasarelly Foundation (France), Gulbenkian Museum (Portugal), Moody Center for The Arts Houston (USA), SIGGRAPH (USA), iMAL (Belgium) and the prestigious Monte-Carlo Global Ocean Gala (Monaco) organised by Prince Albert II, Onassis Foundation (Greece, USA), …

De Wilde’s art is in the permanent collection of the ZKM (Germany), Frost Museum (USA, Miami), Prince Albert II of Monaco foundation (Switzerland), Smithsonian Museum (USA), …

In 2021 he was featured in three episodes of EPISODE 8: Privacy_PART 1: Whose Data Is It? | Out of Reach?ART+TECHNOLOGY brought to you by Hyundai Motor Company and produced in partnership with Bloomberg Media Group.



Frederik currently holds a position as affiliated artist at the University of West-England in the The Unconventional Computing Laboratory founded by Prof Andy Adamatzky in 2001 as a response to an urgent need to develop computers for next century (https://uncomp.uwe.ac.uk/people/) and exploring complex dynamics of non-lineair systems. He’s currently active as a grant evaluator and jury member for the Flemish Ministry of Culture. Furthermore, he is commissioned by BLOOMSBURY to write a chapter for a new encylopedia on New Media Art. In addition he received a grant to develop several new artworks and to write a whitepaper on artist DAOs and NFTs. With gaming company CYBORN he’s currently developing a VR project funded by the Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF). Last but not least he’s collaborating with the most innovative diamond company in the world HB Antwerp on a new (non-disclosure) fascinating project.


PUBLICATIONS – selection

  • Artistic Approaches to Design and Manufacturing Techniques Dedicated to Space Applications, Frederik De Wilde en Guerric de Crombrugghe, Leonardo, MIT PRESS, Vol. 52, No. 3, 2019.
  • The Art of Ethics in the Information Society: Mind You, May 31, 2016, Amsterdam University Press, ISBN 9462984492, 9789462984493
  • MINIMALISM: space.light.object, Sep 12, 2018, National Gallery Singapore, Artscience Museum Singapore, 2019, MINIMALISM: space.light.object, National Gallery Singapore and Artscience Museum, Singapore. ISBN: 978-981-11-6680-8
  • Monochrome: Darkness and Light in Contemporary Art by Craig Staff, May 31, 2015, Bloomsbury. ISBN: 0857726455, 9780857726452




  • Reference clients: Ecover (sustainability and ideation), Merck Group (ideation, colour, innovation), VITO (remote sensing, aerial/spatial/terrestrial solutions), Melotte (additive manufacturing), Cappana Prosciutti (food industry), Flemish Government (innovation), JRC eu (digitalisation), Mankind (general consultancy), …


  • Creative: Ideation, disruptive and out-of-the-box thinking, crossover thinking, creative and technical solutions.
  • Technical: 3d modelling, 3d printing, 3d animation, audiovisual projects and video editing, sound design, graphic design, coding, object oriented programming, custom software development, app development.
  • Networking:4570 Linkedin followers and connections covering the art world, creative agencies, universities worldwide, research centers worldwide, companies, EU commission. Please reach out  for network opportunities.
  • Talks and lectures: Talking about art, science and technology crossovers (incl. creative AI). Inspirational talks.



  • STUDIO DE WILDE is an innovation driven art studio led by artist Frederik De Wilde that specialises in art, science and technology crossovers. Our studio excels in combining digital technologies (creation, fabrication) with craftsmanship, while providing creative and sustainable solutions.
  • STUDIO DE WILDE develops custom digital tools, applications and code. We are experienced in 3d modelling and animation, data acquisition and visualisations, AR/VR, intelligent and responsive light systems, IoT and ambient sensing applications, 3d printing, robotic applications for CNC milling, lasercutting, etc.



  • Researcher at HKU, Lectoraat Creatieve Economie: “Frederik provided the MA students Arts Management of Utrecht School of the Arts with an inspiring meeting/lecture during their Brussels-study visit. During this meeting, Frederik shared his innovative and relevant thoughts about the potential and urgence of creativity for the innovation process and the broader society. These thoughts were illustrated by examples from his own pioneering projects. Due to his open character and refreshing energy, Frederik stimulated the students to rethink existing patterns and to come up with new ways for innovation. I will certainly try to arrange some follow-up sessions in Utrecht!”
  • Innovation Manager at Ecover: “Even though I love his work as an artist, I didn’t know what to expect to get to work with Frederik on new business ideas. But I can only say I was blown away by the stream of relevant ideas that came after just a first encounter. I can only hope that we have a long and collaborative future ahead of us.”
  • CEO Melotte nv: “Twee mensen die me op dat vlak inspireren zijn de hedendaagse kunstenaars, Koen Vanmechelen en Frederik De Wilde. Beiden streven ze in hun vakgebied naar perfectie. Hun werk situeert zich op de kruising tussen wetenschap, technologie en kunst. Op dat vlak is het werk van Frederik De Wilde baanbrekend, hij gebruikt technologie en wetenschap om superkleine systemen te bouwen die hij op afstand en in cluster kan aansturen. De zogenoemde minirobots zijn te vergelijken met een mierenkolonie, binnen de kolonie heerst er een strikte orde en iedereen kent er zijn taak in het groter geheel. Frederik maakt in zijn onderzoek graag en veelvuldig gebruik van state-of-the-art technologieën en combineert deze met de basismechanismen van de natuur. Naast zijn werk als kunstenaar vormt hij daarbovenop een schakel tussen het internationale academisch onderzoeksniveau en de industriële implementatie ervan. Dit is volgens mij een perfecte invulling van diversiteit.”

AWARDS – grants

2000 Selected in the category solo dancer, representing Belgium, for the ” 9ième Concours International de la Danse de Paris,” Forum des Halles, Paris, France.

2008 Prix Médiatine, Price of the French Community, St.-Lambrechts Woluwe – Winner.

2008 Liedts-Meesen New Media Award 2008 – Peter Weibel, curator – Nominated.

2008 Canvascollectie Award, Palais des Beaux Arts, Brussels – Nominated.

2009 Flemish Community, VGC – Art and Genetics Grant.

2010 Ars Electronica [Next Idea] Voestalpine Grant – Winner.

2010 SMARTbe Grant – Art, Nanotechnology and photovoltaics.

2011 Best European Collaboration Award Between An Artist And Scientist – 1st prize.

2011 SPES Foundation – Grant.

2012 Worldwide TED ideas worth spreading talent search – Finalist.

2013 AXO project by Johannes Taelman in collaboration with several artists. iMINDS funded project.

2013 AppArtAward ZKM – Finalist.

2013/14 CiCi Innovation Grant – Flemish Ministry of Innovation, Science, Technology & Flanders DC. Collaboration with UGhent and HOwest.

2015 The Young Royal Academy of Arts and Sciences – Laureate 2015 – Young top researchers in Belgium/Flanders.

2016 European Short Pitch for filmscripts, “The Hoarder” – Selected.

2016 Cinequest (USA) for filmscripts, “The Hoarder” – Selected.

2017/18 Max Planck Institute KLAS artsci residency – Selected.

2017 Future Emerging Art and Technology – FEAT, QCUMbER 6 European research institutions – Selected.

2017/19 Flemish Ministry of Culture – Arts Grant.

2018 MOODY Center for The Arts, residency, Texas, Houston – Selected.

2018 Stimuleringsfonds, BALTAN Laboratories, Eindhoven, Netherlands – Grant.

2018 SABAM, Brussels, Belgium – Grant.

2019 Nominated for the Chinese “Present Future” Art & Technology Star Award – Selected.

2019 WORTH.eu finalist. European project where designers, SMEs, manufacturers and tech providers work together to develop innovative ideas. – Winner.

2020 Flanders Audiovisual Fund – Scenario ALICE IN DARKNET (VR) – Grant.

2020 Flemish Ministry of Culture – Cultural Activity – Exploded Views of a Future Present (Virtual Exhibition) – Grant.

2020 Flemish Ministry of Culture – Cloudburst (VR) – Grant.

2020 Flanders Audiovisual Fund – Development ALICE IN DARKNET (VR) – Grant.

2020 Flemish Ministry of Culture – Cultural Activity – Hunter and Dog (Virtual Exhibition) – Grant.

2020 Onassis Stegi Foundation – Geographies of an AI – Grant and Residency, Winner.

2021 MediaFutures.eu: Reshaping the media value chain through responsible and innovative uses of data – Winner.

2021 Flemish Ministry of Culture – Cultural Activity in collaboration with Arteconomy – HALzheimer (Virtual Exhibition) – Grant.

2021 Flanders Audiovisual Fund – Production ALICE IN DARKNET (VR) – Grant.

2021 Flemish Ministry of Culture – Cultural Activity – Darknet Explorer (Virtual Exhibition) – Grant.

2021 Betterfactory.eu –  Grant.



Hostage pt.1 received the prestigious [THE NEXT IDEA] VOESTALPINE ART AND TECHNOLOGY GRANT in 2010. The aim of this art & technology grant bestowed annually by Voestalpine and Ars Electronica is to honour new and extraordinarily promising ideas and to support the process of developing them further.

Hostage pt.1 received THE BEST EUROPEAN COLLABORATION AWARD BETWEEN AN ARTIST AND SCIENTIST in 2011. The award was designed to reward the best examples of collaboration between partners from the creative industries sector and society, represented by local government and politics. The focus was on innovative practices over and above traditional business relationships as well as alliances which have achieved exceptional results, e.g. in matters of urban development, city/regional marketing or ambient branding.

Your collaboration is considered as THE BEST out of five nominations, because – as the jury states:

“This is a very striking collaborative between the hard edge world of science and the world of conceptual art. The project has, a distance still to travel, I believe, but is it is already a vehicle for the exchange and development of ideas both at philosophical level and potentially for developing practical applications. The project has already had recognition and the artist is currently working with NASA on conceptual art works – perhaps with this project I think its ‘watch this space’ to see how it develops.” – Sandra Gunn, Curriculum Director of the City of Glasgow College, Great Britain.

EXHIBITIONS – selection

1997  Rembrandt Bugatti price, selection, Antwerp, Belgium.

1999  Idiz Bogam Event (Michel François, …), , Brussels, Belgium.

1999  Gemeentekrediet-gallery, Brussels, Belgium.

2000  C.C.Plomblom, “Young Artists 2000”, Ninove, Belgium.

2000  Sint.-Lukas gallery, Brussels, Belgium.

2000  Active Images, Ghent, Belgium.

2000  Kunstwand 2000, Schriek, Belgium.

2001  Deconstructing Marriage, Mechelen, Belgium.

2001  Out of Control, Brussels, Belgium.

2001  Project-i(s)les, Brussels, Belgium.

2001  WebDays, Recyclart, Brussels, Belgium.

2002  Six-Pack, theater Nadine, Brussels, Belgium.

2002  Bruges 2002, Magdalenazaal, Bruges, Belgium.

2003  Transmedia, Beursschouwburg, Brussels, Belgium.

2004  Courtisane Film Festival, “I/O” (with Jan Lauwers, Nicolas Provost).

2004  “OFFF’04” – “Is it possible to be too clean?”  Matrix Art Projects, Brussels, Belgium.

2004  “(CEM)_LogBook BXL,” Matrix Arts Projects, Brussels, Belgium.

2004 “CHOOSE” Transmedia, Beursschouwburg, Brussels, Belgium.

2004  “Is it possible to be too clean?” MaÏsfestival, Vanderborght building, Brussels, Belgium.

2004  VAIKU video’s, “Sunny broken glass”, “Tempest”, “HE”, Beursschouwburg, Brussels, Belgium.

2005  TOR, Zoning Ensemble, Genk, Belgium.

2005  “NEON” XmedK, Theater Nadine, Brussels, Belgium.

2005   OKNO, “Thought go by Air,’ Ijskelders, VUB, Brussels, Belgium.

2005   “Still Things”  Theater Nadine, Brussels, Belgium.

2006  “Victorian Circus” De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

2006  Brussels Design Week, Pierre Berge & associés – gallery, Brussels, Belgium.

2006  Intro/In Situ, “Soundsouvenirs,” in samenwerking met de Universiteit van Maastricht, (o.a. Justin Bennet, Jens Brand,…) Netherlands.

2006  CitySonics, Mons, Belgium.

2006  OKNO, EOD, Brussels, Belgium.

2006  EOD, Mediaruimte, Brussels, Belgium.

2006  EOD, Kunstencentrum Netwerk, Aalst, Belgium.

2007  Surface Tension (…), Kunstencentrum Netwerk, Aalst, Belgium.

2007  New Media Fest, Valencia, Spain.

2007  Cinematheque, MediaCentre – media art environments at Le Musee di-visioniste, Cologne, France.

2007  Roger Tator Gallery, FLUX exhibition, Lab[au], Lyon, France.

2007  FILE, Hypersonica, Sao Paulo, Brasil.

2007  Foundation Vasarely, Aborescence Festival, Aix-en-Provence, France.

2007  September, Soundwalk, California,  USA.

2007  iDAT, Interactive Design Art and Technology (iDAT) An event of Ars Electronica, Creative Korea, and Interactive Tokyo in Singapore Science Centre.

2008  Verbeke Foundation, Kemzeke, Belgium.

2008  G.I.Y. Ghent, Belgium.

2008  World Creativity Forum_FlandersDC, Add!ctlab, Belgium.

2008  Liedts-Meesen New Media Award, Peter Weibel, curator (Nominated).

2008  Canvascollectie Award, Palais des Beaux Arts, Brussels  (Nominated).

2008  Villa Groce Museum of Contemporary Art, Italy.

2008  CitySonics, Peter Maschke, Geert Feytons, Mons, Belgium.

2008  NIME International conference of new musical interfaces, Casa Paganini, Italy.

2008  Art and Science, Jan Hoet, University Hasselt, Hasselt, Belgium.

2008  Theater de l’Agora, Scène nationale d’evry et de l’Essonne, Paris, France.

2008  TodaysArt Festival, Den Haag, Netherlands.

2009  Verbeke Foundation, Belgium.

2009  Burning ICE, Kaaitheater, Brussels, Belgium.

2009 Lightwave, defy the darkness, Dublin Science Gallery, Dublin, Ireland.

2009  Scopitone Festival, Le Château des Ducs de Bretagne, Nantes, France.

2009  Todays Art Festival, The Hague, Netherlands.

2009  Netwerk Center For Contemporary Art, Aalst, Belgium.

2009  Pluto Festival, Opwijk, Belgium.

2009  Numeri1cal Recipe Series, Secondroom, Brussels, Belgium.

2009  Order and Chaos, ad hoc Gallery, Mechelen, Belgium.

2009  Art&Science – “Digital Mysteries in Art”, New York Hall of Science, NY, USA

2010  Sankt Peter Köln Church, Labau ‘mot1fs’ exhibition Cologne, Germany.

2010  Hostage and NRS, Lab[au], Belgium.

2010  Stroom, Center for Contemporary Art, Den Haag, Netherlands.

2010  Mediaruimte LAB[au] Hostage & NRS, Brussels, Belgium.

2010  The Opening of the Belgian Presidency of the Competitiveness Council (research & innovation) of the EU, Brussels, Belgium.

2010  In[form]  KunstZicht, Ghent, Belgium.

2010  Ars Electronica, Next Idea Voestalpine grant winner with the Blackest-Black Art, Linz, Austria.

2010  Ars Electronica DIE WELT IN 100 JAHRE, Linz, Austria.

2010  STRP arts and technology festival, Eindhoven, Netherlands.

2010  Gogbot Art and Technology Festival, Enschede, Netherlands.

2011  The ‘-escape’ in escape, Netwerk Center for Contemporary Art, Aalst, Belgium.

2011  Contra Landscapes, Netwerk Center for Contemporary Art, Aalst, Belgium.

2011  Ososphère, Mole Seegmuller, Strassbourg, France.

2011  Fringe Festival, Digital Mysteries in Art, Sydney, Australia.

2011  Gare Saint Saveur, Lille 3000, Paranoïa exhbition, Lille, France.

2011  MX7 Gallery, [un]certainty relations [between position and momentum], Antwerp, Belgium.

2011  Transnatural Exhibition, Trouwgebouw, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

2011  Exit, Creteil Maison des Arts, Creteil, France.

2011  VIA, Le manège Mons Maubeuge, France.

2011  Paranoïa, Gare Lille Saint Sauveur, Lille, France.

2011  C.A.R. Zollverein, Ruhr, Essen, Germany.

2011  We Are Here To Stay, Theatre The Moon, Mechelen, Belgium.

2011  Flanders House, The Times Center, NY, USA.

2011  I AM HURT, Gallery entrepot fictief, Jan Colle Gallery, Ghent, Belgium.

2011  I AM Hear To Stay, Mechelen, Belgium.

2011  Soundspace – NeuePosition#1, CIAP contemporary art association, Hasselt, Belgium.

2011  Tender Buttons – Becoming Gertrude Stein, Kunstzicht Gallery, Ghent, Belgium.

2011  Hostage, Aksioma Project Space Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

2012  Art and IT, Gallery Libre Cours, Bruxelles, Belgium.

2012  Hostage, Scan, Deaf, Rotterdam, Netherlands.

2012  Hostage, Scan, V01D-I, ZERO1, Silicon Valley, USA.

2012  UMwelt-VIRUtopia, SCOPTIONE, Nantes, France.

2012 3D print show, London Business Design Center, London, England.

2013  Space Odyssey 2.O, Z33 art center, Hasselt, Belgium.

2013  iMINDS creativemediadays, Ghent, Belgium.

2013  RISK lab, Science gallery Dublin, Ireland.

2013  Transito Festival, Coremites, Mexico.

2013  BEAF Brussels Electronic Media Festival, Bozar, Brussels, Belgium.

2013  3D Print Show, Louvre, Paris, France.

2014  Soloshow, UNPAINTED media art fair, Munich, Germany.

2014  Green Light District Exhibition, BUDA Fabriek, Kortrijk, Belgium.

2014  Meta.Morf Biennial, Trondheim, Norway.

2014  Cartographies of transitions, Mota, Ljubljana.

2014  Scopitone festival, Nantes, France.

2014  Todays Art, Den Haag, Netherlands.

2015  Black2, Glazen Huis, Netherlands.

2015  Black2, LUCA school of arts, Brussels, Belgium.

2015  LACDA, Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, Technarte, Los Angeles, USA.

2015  Materialise World Conference, Brussels, Belgium.

2015  Secret Exhibitions, Science Gallery, Dublin, Ireland.

2015  The Articulated VOID, with Matthew Barney, Pierre Huyghe (…), Troy, EMPAC, New York, USA.

2015  BLACK2, GROUND gallery, Moscow, Russia.

2015 Moonark, Andrew Carnegie Society / NY City, USA.

2015  ICT-Art-EU, Bozar, Brussels, Belgium.

2015  BIN, ‘views from above’, Turnhout, Belgium.

2015  Science Gallery, ‘SECRETS’, Dublin, Ireland.

2015  TETEM, ‘Alpha Town & Citizen Sensing’, Enschede, Netherlands.

2015  GOGBOT festival, ‘Alpha Town & Citizen Sensing’, Enschede, Netherlands.

2015  The Post Contemporary, ‘The Articulated Void’ with Matthew Barney, Pierre Huyghe, Troy, NY, USA.

2015  Art Basel, ‘Blender 001’ in collaboration with the Boiler Cooperation Milan, Basel, Switzerland, Europe.

2015  One Design Week, in collaboration with the Belgian and American Embassy of Bulgaria, Plovdiv, Bulgaria, Europe.

2015  ZKM, Globale, Karlsruhe, Germany.

2015 World Expo, Belgian Pavilion, Milan, Italy.

2015  Kunsthal Amersfoort, Netherlands.

2015  ECP year congress, exhibition, Den Haag, Netherlands.

2016  Meta.Morf biennial, Trondheim, Norway.

2016 Moonark, Trondheim Biennial for Art and Technology, Trondheim, Norway.

2016  Giant Steps, landmark exhibition, Seattle, USA.

2016  Rome Media Art Festival, National Museum of the 21st Century, Rome, Italy.

2016 Light and Dark, Living Tomorrow, Vilvoorde, Brussels, Belgium.

2016  Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit, White Circle Agency, Art Brussels, Brussels, Belgium.

2016  Faux Ecriture, Dauwens and Beernaert Gallery, Brussels, Belgium.

2016  SEEING, Science Gallery Dublin, Ireland.

2016  Indefinite Visions, Whitechapel, London, UK.

2016  UNSEEN, Science Gallery Dublin, Ireland.

2016  Ex-Vitro, curator Anneleen Masschelein, KUL, Leuven, Belgium.

2016 GENERATE!° lab – Festival for Electronic Arts, Sedhalle, Tübingen, Germany.

2016  Nine Evenings 50th anniversary, art/science/technology festival, Seattle, USA.

2016 Science of The UNSEEN, Siggraph 2016, The 43rd international conference and exhibition on computer graphics & interactive Techniques, Anaheim, USA.

2016 Blender 001, Boiler Corporation, Dubai, UAI.

2016 Tendencies, BOZAR, Brussels, Belgium.

2016 Stadstriënnale, Hasselt-Genk, Limburg, Belgium.

2016  ECP year congress, Dutch platform for information and society, Fokker Terminal, Den Haag, Netherlands.

2016 De Mijlpaal gallery, Knokke, Belgium.

2016 Théâtre de l’Agora, Artefacts : une archéologie du temps présent, Evry, Paris, France.

2017 Seeing, Science Gallery, USA tour.

2017 Berlaymont, European Commission, Brussels, Belgium.

2017 Science Gallery Dublin, Dublin, Ireland.

2017 Hyperpavillion, Venice Biennial, Korea, Venice, Italy.

2017 Artefact-Brakke Grond, Leuven-Amsterdam, Belgium-Netherlands.

2017 Celibataire Divas, Hasselt, Belgium.

2017 Dubai Design Days, BlenderArts, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

2017 Soho House Barcelona in the framework of Sonar festival 2017, in collaboration with Blender Arts, Barcelona, Spain.

2017 MaART, Waregem, Belgium.

2017 OPEN CODES, Living in digital worlds, ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany.

2017 GRADIENT, Mijlpaal Gallery, Knokke, Belgium.

2017 Moonark, Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburgh, USA.

2017 Moonark, International Council of Museums, ICOM NATHIST.

2017 Moonark, Galeria Miejska, Bydgoszcz, Poland.

2017 Carnegie Museum of Art, Thrival Innovation, Pittsburgh, USA.

2017 Resonance II, MuST Museum, National Museum of Science and Technology, Milan, Italy.

2017 Resonance II, JRC Ispra, Ispra, Italy.

2018 Russian State Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia (in discussion).

2018 BOZAR, Brussels, Belgium.

2018 I Love Science, Brussels, Belgium.

2018 5th Int’l Festival of NanoArt, Heraklion, Crete.

2018 New Worlds Conference, Austin, Texas, USA.

2018 CCA, Royal Economic Mission, artificial intelligence exhibition, Montreal, Canada.

2018 TEC Art, Worm, Rotterdam, Netherlands.

2018 CMUThink Bay Area, Palo Alto, California, USA.

2018 Gogbot, Enschede, Netherlands.

2018 TNO, Den Haag, Netherlands.

2018 Paleis der Academiën, Brussels, Belgium.

2018 ECP, Den Haag, Netherlands.

2018 All possible paths – Richard Feynman – Art Science Museum, Marina Bay, Singapore.

2018 Ecriture Numérique, Le Musée L, Namur, Belgium.

2018 Athens Digital Arts Festival, Athens, Greece.

2018 Science Gallery Venice, researchers night, Venice, Italy.

2018 MetaMorf Biennial, Trondheim, Norway.

2018 X-LAB festival, C-Mine, Genk, Limburg, Belgium.

2018  Canada Science and Technology Museum, Ottawa, Canada.

2018 MAAT museum, For a brave new Brussels, Lisbon, Portugal.

2018 Gulbenkian Foundation/Museum in presence of the King of the Belgians and delegation, Lisbon, Portugal.

2018 WATER, Central Plaza, Ministry of Science, Joint Research Centers EU, Podgorica, Montenegro.

2018 National Gallery, Minimalism: space-light-object, with Kapoor, Judd, Rothko, Eliasson, …, Singapore.

2018 Moody Center for The Arts and Bioscience Research Center, Houston, Texas, USA.

2019 Moonark, Centre Pompidou, Paris, France.

2019 Gala for the global ocean, HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, Monte-Carlo, Monaco.

2019 Moonark, Mars New Years Blast Off Dinner / Mars, PA, USA.

2019 Moonark, Mars New Years Festival / Mars, PA, USA.

2019 Orbit°Space, Bozar/Gluon, Center for Contemporary Art, Brussels, Belgium.

2019 Moonark, Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest, Hungary.

2019 7th edition of VSAC, The Visual Science of Art Conference, STUK center for contemporary art, Leuven, Belgium.

2019 Moonark, Miller Institute of Contemporary Art, Pittsburgh, USA.

2019 Moonark, Matsudo International Science Art Festival, Japan.

2019 The Art of Resilience, WORLDBANK, Washington DC, USA.

2020 Filmwinter, Stuttgart, Germany.

2020 The Art of Resilience, WORLDBANK, Singapore, Asia.

2020 TEC ART, Quantum Supremacy, Rotterdam, Netherlands.

2020 iMAL, Quantum: In Search of The Invisible, Brussels, Belgium.

2020 GOGBOT, Quantum Supremacy, Enschede, Netherlands.

2021 COSMOS exhibition, Le Grand-Hornu, Boussu, Belgium.

2021 Exploded Views of a Future Present (AR, Virtual Exhibition, Online).

2021 Hunter and Dog (AR, Virtual Exhibition, Online).

2021 In the Age of Post-Drought, Le Grand-Hornu, Boussu, Belgium.

2021 HALzheimer, supported by Arteconomy (AR, Virtual Exhibition, Online).

2021 DARKNET explorer, supported by Polar Bear productions (AR, Virtual Exhibition, Online).

2021 FAKE ME HARD, AVL mundo Joep van Lieshout, Niet Normaal and Planetart, Rotterdam, Netherlands.

2021 The progress of form. Science, Art, Design, Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome, Italy (to be confirmed).

2021 Art for 17 global goals, United Nations, Vatican, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy (permanent large scale artwork in public space, in progress).

2021 Overlap The No Man’s Land between Art and Science, traveling exhibition (Antwerp, Ghent, Leuven, Brussels, Hasselt), Belgium.

2021 You and AI: Through the Algorithmic Lens, Onassis Stegi Foundation, Athens, Greece.

2021 Deep Truth, Rijksmuseum Twenthe, Planetart, Twente, Netherlands.

2021 Infocalypse, Gogbot, Enschede, Netherlands.

2021 NFT fair in collaboration with Artpoint.fr, Paris, France.

2022 Fondazione Made-in-Cloister, inter-action, Naples, Italy.

2022 Biennale de Warszawa, Poland.

2022 European Digital Art Fair (online, ISS international space station).

2022 ISEA in collaboration with NIIO, Barcelona,  Spain.

2022 Gallery A.dition, Walkerhill Five Star Hotel, Seoul, Korea.

2022 Patchlabfestival, Poland.

2022 MoonArk, Smithsonian Museum, permanent collection, Washington DC, USA.

2023 The progress of form. Science, Art, Design, Madre Museum, Naples, Italy (confirmed).

2023 Art for 17 global goals, United Nations, Vatican, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy (permanent large scale artwork in public space (confirmed).

2023 ISEA, Symbiosis, Paris, France.

2023 in progress to upload new exhibitions.


LECTURES – selection

2003   International European Theatre Meeting, IETM, Brussels, Belgium.

2005  “Creativity,” University of Leuven, Leuven, Belgium.

2005  Lecturer, workshop leader interactive installations for the engineers from Groep-T, KUL, Leuven.

2011  VUB, kunstenplatform, Hans De Wolf, Brussels, Belgium.

2011  Flanders Inspire Tour, Flemish Minister President Kris Peeters, Antwerp, Belgium.

2011  TEDX Flanders, invited by Jamie Anderson, Antwerp, Belgium.

2011  Phdo III, art and science, the waag, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

2011  WCF World Creativity Forum, Nano Art, Hasselt, Belgium.

2012  FAK, Faculty of Art and Architecture, Leuven, Belgium.

2012  TED, World Wide Talent Search,Boom Chicago, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

2012  IMPAKT, Art & Science, Utrecht, Netherlands.

2014  HKU school of arts and economics, Brussels, Belgium.

2014  FlandersDC, talk on creative crossovers, Tour & Taxis, Brussels, Belgium.

2014  Technarte, Bilbao, Spain.

2014  VOKA National, keynote, Art and Entrepreneurship, Brussels, Belgium.

2014  MERCK colour group, Antwerp, Belgium.

2014  Flanders Cleantech Connected, Keynote, Art and Clean Energy, Brussels, Belgium.

2014  Bright Collisions, Art+Science+Technology, TodaysArt, Den Haag, Netherlands.

2014  Cloud and molecular aesthetics, operational and curatorial research, Pera Museum, Istanbul, Turkey.

2015  HKU school of arts and economics, Brussels, Belgium.

2015  BLACK2 Symposium, Malevich and art/science, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

2015  HKU, Dreams, Utrecht, Netherlands.

2015  CICI, Creative Entrepreneurship, MUNTPUNT, Brussels, Belgium.

2015  Materialise World Conference, Brussels, Belgium.

2015  Living Tomorrow, Vilvoorde, Brussels, Belgium.

2015  Round Table Hybrid Futures, Bozar, Brussels, Belgium.

2015  UNIZO, art and entrepreneurship, Technopolis, Mechelen, Belgium.

2015  Technarte, LACMA, Los Angeles, USA.

2015 Art and Science: Einstein vs Picasso, Pius-X institute, Antwerp, Belgium.

2015  Balance-Unbalance (selection), Arizona State University, Arizona, USA.

2015  European Digital Forum, Keynote speaker, Lisbon, Portugal.

2015  NanoDiode Europe, Nanobazaar, Leuven, Belgium.

2015  Interstellar Starships, CERN,  Presentation by Dr. Rachel Armstrong, Geneva, Switzerland.

2015  ECP year congress, Dutch platform for information and society, Fokker Terminal, Keynote speaker, Den Haag, Netherlands.

2016  X-Lab, Jan Rabaey (UCBerkely), University Hasselt, Hasselt, Belgium.

2016  Living Tomorrow, In presence of Minister Kris Peeters, Vilvoorde, Brussels, Belgium.

2016  BeSpace, Planetarium Brussels, Dr Marco Ferrazani, ESA Legal Counsel and Head of the Legal Department, Michel Melotte, radiation expert at Thales Alenia Space Belgium, …, Brussels, Belgium.

2016  Whitechapel gallery, Indefinite Visions, London, UK.

2016  St.Martins, Art and Nanotechnology, London, UK.

2016  ISEA (selected), Hong Kong.

2016 US Embassy, Fulbright, Brussels, Belgium.

2016 Lunch for Thought, Stuk Leuven, De Buren, Leuven, Belgium.

2016 Pukkelpop, Art and Science, Hasselt, Belgium.

2016 European Commission/JRC workshop on art and science organised by the Joint Research Council of the European Commission, Ispra, Italy.

2016 Jonge Academie, Art and Science Collaborations, Paleis der Academiën, Brussels, Belgium.

2016 Crowdsourcing Week, Kanselarij, Brussels, Belgium.

2016 University Hasselt, Hasselt, Belgium.

2017 Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

2018 GLUON vzw, Brussels, Belgium.

2018 Meta.Morf Biennial, Trondheim, Norway.

2018 X-lab Festival, UH, Genk, C-mine, Limburg, Belgium.

2018 Moody Center for The Arts, Texas, Houston, USA.

2018 Ministry of Science, JRC EU, Central Plaza, Podgorica, Montenegro.

2018 MAAT Museum, Lisbon, Portugal.

2019 WORTH, worth weekend Valencia, Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, Valencia, Spain.

2019 7th edition of VSAC, STUK center for the arts, Leuven, Belgium.

2019 ORBIT, BOZAR center for the arts, GLUON, Brussels, Belgium.

2019 Gala for the global ocean, HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, Monte-Carlo, Monaco.

2019 HANGARK, Arteconomy, Kortrijk, Belgium.

2020 Quantum: in search of the invisible, iMAL, CERN, Brussels, Belgium.

2020 WORTH, worth weekend Valencia, Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, Valencia, Spain.

2020 MAPEX Symposium 2020 – Materials for space exploration, Bremen, Germany.

2020 Arts for Planet Earth + workshop, Co-organised by European Space Agency and European Commission, ESRIN, Frascati, Italy.

2020 Privacy Salon, Computers, Privacy & Data Protection (CPDP) Conference, online.

2021 BELGIAN PAVILLON, Dubai, UAI (to be confirmed).

2021 The progress of form. Science, Art, Design, Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome, Italy (to be confirmed).

2021 Hack à Deux – curated by Jurij Krpan and Pau WaelderBozar, Brussels, Belgium.

2021  Fusion Talks, Qolony, Bulgary.

2021 Brave New World, HyperExtraction, Naturalis, Leiden, Netherlands.



1990 – 1991   Sint.-Lukas, Brussels, pre-education architecture.

1991 – 1994   Sint.-Lukas, Brussels, painting.

1994 – 1997   Royal Academy of Fine Arts,  Antwerp, sculpture.

1996  Johnson Atelier Technical Institute of Sculpture, Fine Arts,  New Jersey, USA.

1996  The Carving Studio, Fine Arts, sculpture, Vermont, USA.

1999 – 2000   Sint.-Lukas, Brussels,  Master Degree in Fine Arts, Brussels, experimental atelier – video and sound.

1999  Private classes  instructed by choreographer/dancer Ciro Carcatella (Charleroi Danse) and Stella Spitarelli, Brussels, Belgium.

1999  Classes contemporary dance at Yantra Dance Institute, Brussels, Belgium.

2001-2002  1st & 2nd year in Philosophy, VUB, Brussels.

2002  Classes in Dance Pedagogy. Instructed by Sue Winterson, PSK, Brussels.

2002 – 2004   Postgraduate student, Transmedia, Sint.-Lukas, New Media, Arts and Design, Brussels, Belgium. Core Staff:: Herman Asselberghs, Steven Devleminck, Boris Debacker. Teaching Staff:: Dirk De Wit, David Karam, Malcolm Le Grice, Hans Op De Beeck, Simon Pope, Thomas Zummer. Visiting Artists + Lectures:: Manon De Boer, Dora Garcia, Geoff Kaplan, Norman Klein, Pam Lee, Suely Rolnik, David Shea, Leslie Thornton (Wooster Group), Valerie Mannaerts, …).



2000  Performance at C.C. België, Hasselt, Belgium.

2000  Dance performance at Centre Culturel Jacques Franck, dancefestival “D’ici et D’ailleurs”, Brussels, Belgium.

2000  Selected with ‘Unitas Multiplex’ for ” le prix de Luxembourg”, Luxembourg.

2000  Dance performance in Nice, France.

2000  Selected as solo dancer representing Belgium for the “9ième Concours International de la Danse de Paris,” Forum des Halles, Paris.

2004   Louise Baduel (PARTS), Plein Open Air, Brussels, Belgium.



2006  De Brakke Grond, Victorian Circus, with Peter Baert and Els Viane. Amsterdam, Netherlands.

2006  Intro/IN SITU, “Sound Souvenirs,” in collaboration with the university of Maastricht, Zoning Ensemble, Justin Bennet, Jens Brand, …, Maastricht, Netherlands.

2006  ”EOD-Electric Courtship Songs,” 404 Festival of Electronic Art, Rosario, Argentina.

2006  Lokaal 01, with Thomas Olbrechts, Jean-Philippe Convert, Antwerp, Belgium.

2007  Netwerk, concert Electric Courtship Songs, Aalst.

2007  La Salle University; War and Peace, Philadelphia, USA.

2007   Soundwalk, USA.

2008  European Sound Delta (CNAM, France – Musée des Arts et Métiers + Hungary Szentendre Art Center, …), Europe.

2009  Q-o2, center for contemporary music, Brussels,Belgium.

2010  Parker Collegiate, New York, USA.

2010  EMF, Lab[au], Brussels, Belgium.



2001  Non spoken actor/dancer in a short movie of Brussels based dancer/director Sofie Saller.

2002  Non spoken actor in the theater/film production ‘BLUSH’ by Wim Vandekeybus.



2016  “Joy Palace”, film script in collaboration with author and screenwriter Leen Vandereyken. Produced by Potemkino and Bekke Films, supported by The Fridge and realised with the financial aid of the Flemish Audiovisual Fund.



1999  Assistant on the film-set of ‘ The Snail ‘, a short movie made by a Sint.-Lukas film school student.

2016-17 Directing, storyboarding; “Joy Palace” short film.



Author of several art and science publications.

Consultant for industry and organisations.

Professional grant writer and EU grant advisor (e.g. Qo2, NATO, …).

Argos vzw,  researcher, co-coordinator of the Belgian Focus program / project leader / media librarian (Argos is a center for audiovisual arts), Brussels, Belgium.

Freelance 3d modeller and concept designer.

Freelance software developer (University Hasselt, etc.)

Argos vzw, video editor, Brussels, Belgium.

Maisfestival, technical support, iMAL vzw, Brussels, Belgium.

Kunstenfestivaldesarts, department press and communication, responsible visualization, Brussels, Belgium.

Lecturer, workshop leader interactive installations for engineers from Groep-T, KUL, Leuven, Belgium.

XmedK, participant + writer, new media-festival, Brussels, Belgium.

Light and sound, Cultural Centra “The Plomblom”, Ninove, Belgium.

Stage-design and construction for several artists (Harald Theys, …), Belgium.

Coordinator/curator of the Transmedia exhibition “Choices”, Beursschouwburg, Brussels, Belgium.

Teaching, sculpture classes, Vermont, USA.

Assistant gallerist, W.R. Artist Guild, USA.

Teaching ‘Making Instruments for Kids’ – “The Passerel,” Brussels, Belgium.

City-guiding through Brussels. Main focus on art in public space, Brussels, Belgium.

Dance instructor for kids and adults, BOZAR, ROSAS exhibition, Brussels, Belgium.

Guest professor, ArtScience Interfaculty, Art and Space, Estec, ESA, Den Hague, Netherlands.

Jury member, Transmedia, LUCA schools of art, Brussels, Belgium.

Conference Reviewer, MutaMorphosis Tribute to Uncertainty, 2012, Prague, Czechia.

Evaluator, Innovative Partnerships, 2020, Brussels, Belgium.

Jury, Innovative Partnerships 2020, Brussels, Belgium.



1994   Stone-carving, Carrara, Italy.

1995   Workshop by Belgian Architect Luc Deleu. Intention re-designing the MUHKA. Macquette and concept selected by Deleu and exhibited, Antwerp, Belgium.

2000   Workshop in MAX (msp – sound) and Jitter (video), software developed by the IRCAM (Paris). Instructor Guy Vanbelle (IPEM), Brussels, Belgium.

2002   Workshop in MAX (msp) audio software (object orientated programming) and Jitter (object orientated programming) for analysis and control of images. Instructor Hans Christiaensen (242-pilots), iMAL, Brussels, Belgium.

2002   Introduction Final Cut Pro, Brussels, Belgium.

2002   Workshop Final Cut Pro, by Leslie Thornton (Wooster Group, USA), Brussels, Belgium.

2002   Workshop interface-design, by David Karam, Brussels, Belgium.

2003   Workshop Proce55ing. Instructed by Casey Rease from the MIT, USA. Workshop organized by iMAL, Brussels, Belgium.

2004   Workshop in Soft-VNS, motion tracking software, by David Rockeby, iMAL, Brussels, Belgium.

2004   Workshop Hardware Hacking, By Nicolas Collins, theater Nadine, Brussels, Belgium.



2006  University of Leuven, Groep-T, Maxmsp, Leuven, Belgium.

2006  Istanbul Museum of Contemporary Art, “IM/EX PORT,” Bodrum, Turkey.

2006  Istanbul Museum of Contemporary Art, MaxMsp software programming language,  Istanbul, Turkey.

2016 ArtScience Interfaculty, Art and Space, Estec, ESA, Den Hague, Netherlands.



2005  Tor, Genk, Belgium.

2008  Netwerk Center for Contemporary Arts, Aalst, Belgium. (several times)

2008  Lab[au], Brussels, Belgium. (several times)

2008  University Hasselt, Hasselt, Belgium. (ongoing)

2008  European Sound Delta, Europe.

2009  Q-o2, with Jodi Rose, Brussels, Belgium. (several times)

2010  Rice University, Houston, Texas, USA. (several times)

2010  Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria.

2018 Moody Center for The Arts, Houston, Texas.

2018 Max Planck Institute, Klas residency.

2020 GEOGRAPHIES OF AI, Onassis Stegi Foundation, Athens, Greece.


COMMISSIONS – audiovisual

2000  Cie. Corpus Arts, “D’ici et D’ailleurs” Centre CulturelJacques Franck, Brussels, Belgium.

2003  Argos, trailer Argosfestival in collaboration with Karen Vanderborght, Brussels, Belgium.

2003  “NRK” Kaaitheater, video installation, Brussels, Belgium.

2003  “NRK” TV-Brussels, video, teaser, Brussels, Belgium.

2004   “Hirondelle, dooi vogeltje,” Camera for Alexis Destoop, Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Benjamin Verdonck, Brussels, Belgium.

2007   Music, Jingle, Netwerk Center for Contemporary Art & Radio Klara, Brussels, Belgium.


COMMISSIONS – art in public space

2017 FORT#1,  fountain of reflections, design fountain, Velm, Limburg, Belgium.

2021 CELLS within CELLS_Interlinked, large scale permanent artwork commissioned by the United Nations, the Vatican and Italian government (in progress).



2006  Sonic City – Transculture, Streamspace, Mons, Belgium.

2006  404 Electronic Festival  Rosario, Argentina.

2007  Soundnetwork – Futuresonic, Victoria Baths, Manchester, UK.

2008  Kunstencentrum Netwerk, Aalst, Belgium.



2007  NOise Addict, ECS, Radio Campus, Brussels.

2007  Radio Klara, Ramblas, interview EOD, Brussels.

2007  Radio 2, Oost-Vlaanderen, interview EOD, Brussels.

2007  RTBF, La Première, émission de Thierry Génicot

2007  RTBF, La Première, émission de Pascal Goffaux diffusée le 2 avril à 19h

2007  Art Radio at Cornerhouse in Manchester June/July 2007, Soundnetwork/Futuresonic, an online radio station based at the Cornerhouse Gallery, UK.

2009  Concert @ Radio Panic – ULB Campus, Brussels, Belgium.

2010  FM Brussels, world premier ‘Hostage,’ Brussels, Belgium

2010  Radio Klara, Babel, world premier ‘Hostage,’ Brussels, Belgium

2010  Radio 1, world premier ‘Hostage,’ Oost-vlaanderen, Belgium

2010  RTBF un tableau plus noir que noir

2011  Radio 1, Lauwke Vandendriesche, nano art



2007  Arte Belgique, « 50 degrés nord », reportage diffusé le 11 avril à 20h15, interview EOD, Brussels, Belgium.

2007  RTBF, interview EOD, Brussels, Belgium.

2008  Terzake, Canvascollection, Belgium.

2009  Canvascollection RTBF collection, Belgium.

2010  ORF


PRESS – selection

2007  Passe-Partout, publication of Mathieu Colleyn, EOD02.

2007  Publication of Roger-Pierre Turine for La Libre Belgique, EOD02.

2007  Publication of Dominique Legrand for Le Soir, EOD02.

2007  RUIS, K.R.A.A.K.3, EOD-Electric Courtship Songs.

2008  Deze Week In Brussels, The preferences of Frederik De Wilde.

2010  Knack, World Premier ‘Hostage’.

2010  De Standaard, World Premier ‘Hostage’.

2010  De Morgen, World Premier ‘Hostage’.

2010  NRC, World Premier ‘Hostage’.

2010  Nieuwsblad, World Premier ‘Hostage’.

2010  ART, article by Kerstin Schweighöfer, Germany, http://www.art-magazin.de

2011  ISEA In Spite of Economics, Istanbul, Turkey.

2014  Diplomatic World, Double interview with CEO Mario Fleurinck, Belgium.