FEAT – Future Emergent Art

Studio De Wilde is honoured to be invited to participate in the FEAT (www.featart.eu) programme with the QCUMbER team. The QCUMbER team is “developing the experimental and theoretical resources needed to address the quantum structure of the time-frequency degree of freedom of ultrashort light pulses and pulse trains and to demonstrate their utility for new types of quantum technologies,…


Papets EU – Quantum Biology

Studio De Wilde is proud to announce a collaboration with the Papets team for an art and science crossover synergie! https://ec.europa.eu/digital-single-market/en/news/papets-quantum-physics-provides-startling-insights-biological-processes http://www.papets.eu/papets-news/62-quantum-mechanics-explains-efficiency-of-photosynthesis-2.html


SoN01R at Nine Evenings, Seattle, USA.

 9e2 is an art exhibition and performance series commemorating “9 Evenings: Theatre & Engineering,” an iconic exhibition 50 years ago in New York that sparked a new era of collaboration between artists, scientists, and engineers. The original 9 Evenings was organized in 1966 by Robert Rauschenberg and Billy Klüver, and featured artists creating performances in…