Pukkelpop 2016

Pukkelpop 2016   De Wilde will present “Lead Angels,” and audiovisual and kinetic installation dealing with chance, randomness, radioactivity, radiation, decay. In addition De Wilde is giving a talk about his crossover oeuvre. More info here


Artefacts – Upcoming exhibition in Paris

Artefacts – archéologie du temps présent Features a dozen of installations from artists: Jacques Perconte, Cyril Hatt, Jean Benoit Lallemant, Julien Borel, Frederik De Wilde, … Where: Théâtre de l’Agora, scène nationale d’Évry et de l’Essonne, Paris, France When: Opening on the 3rd of november, till the 10th of december 2016. More info here


Chamber Gallery, NYC, USA

We are working on a new exhibition in the Chamber Gallery, a unique gallery devoted to exclusive and limited editions, one-of-a-kind artworks and designs. ChamberNYC


Science Gallery Dublin – SEEING

 The Innovation Engine – 2015 Frederik De Wilde (BE), in collaboration with Jeff Clune and Anh Nguyen (US)   GET AN INSIGHT INTO HOW A COMPUTER ‘THINKS’ AND ‘SEES Machines can’t do what the human imagination can… yet. This installation researches the failure of machines and computers to simulate the human mind. The artist was…