White Scent – The Proust Effect

100% White Scent #1 Ganzfeld Bliss


The Proust Effect

If you inhale a scent, familiar from your childhood,  – say that of  freshly baked Madeleine cookies – then most likely a scene from  the pas flashes through your mind: the kitchen in the house  where you grew up, your mother at the stove.   Fragrances have the uncanny ability to trigger memories because  smell is the only sense that is directly connected to the part of  the brains that stores emotional memories .   It is clear that the sense of smell is one of the most  misunderstood senses. Also in the arts come scents too little  discussed.

A nice connection between smell and place can be  found in the Situationism , a mainly French art movement ( 1950′  – 1960 ‘ ) under the auspices of Guy Debord . One of the pillars  of Situationism was to deliberately create primarily through  physical geography situations. Debord describes this as a ”  derive ” or ” drift , ” a scenario that allows the individual to leave  . Their normal motives and actions One of the ‘ passions ‘ carried  out by Debord was one based on smell . This ‘ situation ‘ admitted that the individual in a different way themselves and  explore the city. 


100% White Scent #1 Ganzfeld Bliss is a pure white scent discovered by Israeli scientists and produced by the artist. The newly discovered smell is the olfactory equivalent of white noise. Just as white noise is a mixture of many different sound frequencies and white light is a mixture of many different wavelengths, olfactory white is a mixture of many different smell compounds. What you smell depends on your own mood and psychological state, and it can be anything. Marcel Proust ‘Madeleine’ (à la recherche du temps perdu) but synthesized in a white scent. The artist is currently (2016) creating a white scent/light/sound installation entitled #ffffffWE1SS [scent_light_noise].