Quantum Foam – artistic data visualisation of quantum fluctuations

Quantum Foam #1 [Sphere], 2012 


The quantum vacuum -in contradiction to the classical vacuum- is far from empty. In fact it’s full of ‘life’ and energy (i.e. quantum fluctuations produce virtual matter and anti-matter particle pairs, energetic particles that appear out of nothing). The quantum vacuum is considered as the lowest energy state of the Universe, a sea of potentiality. Imagine quantum vacuum noise as a glass of champagne where you see bubbles appear and disappear all the time.

In collaboration with the National University of Australia’s quantum communication, teleportation and encryption lab,  De Wilde tapped into the quantum vacuum and rendered the vacuum noise, generated by a table top experiment with entangled lasers, into true random numbers. These true random numbers were piped into custom made 3D modelling software to create the unique shapes, artistic visualisation of the invisible Universe.

These are the worlds first quantum encrypted sculptures!

Ed.  1. / 7 . AP

The sculptures can be produced in different materials and sizes, e.g. copper, nickel, chrome, silver and gold (non-exhaustive list). Each material is de facto a limited edition.