A  sculpture and artistic data visualisation based on the seven coal mines in Belgium.


From Data To Object

Data from the seven coal mines in Belgium was retrieved (e.g. orientation shafts) and visualized in 3D by using custom made open source software (Processing). The seven coal mines were spatially organized according to the size of each mine. The smallest mine on the inside and the largest mine on the outside.

Due to legal restrictions the data needed to be ‘filtered’ and the final shape of the artwork could not be identical to the existing underground situation. Hence the shapes needed to be transformed to a higher level of abstraction. Strategies used were cleaning up the source data and geometry, and applying a stereographic projection to each mine. Each mine becomes sphere-ized, hence a mine in a mine in a mine is created suggesting a state of infinity.

Ed.  1. / 7 . AP

The sculptures can be produced in different materials and sizes, e.g. copper, nickel, chrome, silver and gold (non-exhaustive list). Each material is de facto a limited edition.

Special thanks to Frederik Vanhoutte