De Wilde is specialised in ideation, crossover, out-of-the-box and burn-the-box thinking, and has a keen interest in the technical side of things wether it’s nanotech, 3d printing, app development or something else.

De Wilde has collaborated with Ecover, Barry Callebaut, Merck Group, Melotte nv, University Hasselt, University Ghent, University of Wyoming, NASA, …


Innovation Manager at Ecover

“Even though I love his work as an artist, I didn’t know what to expect to get to work with Frederik on new business ideas. But I can only say I was blown away by the stream of relevant ideas that came after just a first encounter. I can only hope that we have a long and collaborative future ahead of us.”


Co-Founder Urban Connector and Researcher/Lecturer at the HKU

“Frederik provided the MA students Arts Management of Utrecht School of the Arts with an inspiring meeting/lecture during their Brussels-studyvisit. During this meeting, Frederik shared his innovative and relevant thoughts about the potential and urgence of creativity for the innovation process and the broader society. These thoughts were illustrated by examples from his own pioneering projects. Due to his open character and refreshing energy, Frederik stimulated the students to rethink existing patterns and to come up with new ways for innovation. I will certainly try to arrange some follow-up sessions in Utrecht!”