PULSAR (2020/21)


Pulsar is an artistic data visualisation project by Frederik De Wilde at the fringe of science, art, fashion and design exploring big data, pattern making and textile weaving.


The project will premier at CID au Grand-Hornu Museum in Belgium, later on seen in MUDAC.


The iconic Pulsar signal cover of Joy Division’s 1979 debut album ‘Unknown Pleasures’ is perhaps the most enduring image of the post-punk era, and has since then appeared on millions of fashion and design items.


A Pulsar is a highly magnetised, rotating neutron star, or white dwarf, that emits a beam of electromagnetic radiation. It can be considered as the most accurate clock in the universe as well as a celestial GPS and next best method for meandering through deep space.

The artist developed custom software and used a database from NASA containing datasets with information (e.g. frequency, energy, position in Galaxy coordinates, etc.) from about 2702 pulsars.

The result is a concept textile collection that bridges the gap between artistic digital information representation and physical materialisation.