Blackest-Black Spire

A blacker-than-black spire for the Notre Dame.

Belgian artist Frederik De Wilde joins the global architectural contest to design a new Notre-Dame spire adapted to the techniques and challenges of our era with a blacker-than-black spire.

Artist comment:

“As a phoenix that rises from the ashes of Our Lady, the new spire should represent a trace of its drama and embody our common felt loss; making it palpable and felt whilst visually hiding. La Flèche should become a true 21st century contribution on the fringe of art, science and technology; A blacker-than-black spire challenging our perception whilst hovering between the analogue and the digital, presence and absence, seeing and non-seeing. La Flèche will be visually reduced to a blacker-than-black silhouette catching all light just like a perfect solar cell, reinforcing the green vision of the city of lights. Hope is kindled. My inspiration is drawn from the French artist Yves Klein whom said: “Only when an artist has the courage to dissolve into empty space, into the Void, will he be able to create something genuinely new, essential, yet undogmatic and potentially meaningful to all.”


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