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Frederik De Wilde

ART is the poetics of the imagination – SCIENCE is the poetics of reality

Frederik De Wilde acts on the border area between science, technology and art. The conceptual crux of his artistic praxis are the notions of the intangible, inaudible, invisible. It is this interstitial territory that Frederik De Wilde explores in his various works. Sometimes on the side of the technological, and often in the perceptual, conceptual, social—human—register, De Wilde’s art is grounded in the interaction between complex systems, both biological and technological. Moreover, the indistinct, diffuse, ‘fuzzy’ arena where the biological and the technological overlap and commingle is a productive and favored ground for his projects/ projections.

Intentions of the artist

I Cross-examine the art[work] and its limits, the conventions of the exhibition, production, reception, distribution, interpretation, … and the various forms and combinations that may arise out of. I have set my goal to examine and question issues such as representation and new production methods in the field of visual arts, audiovisual arts, new media. I also study ways in which it is possible to develop new production methods and re-inject them back into traditional media. Nevertheless, human, social and ecological problems are often the starting point of my research and artistic products. Specifically, my coexistence with the sciences aims to explore new angles from which art can be understood. The traditional relationship between the viewer and the object is the reference from which a dialogue and / or controversy is pulled open. Researching the interaction capabilities of both agents takes a critical role in my work, bringing in new experience machines for the viewer with space for questioning and disrupting its perception. Just as one can question, and has questioned, the usefulness of religion in such a scientific-technological society, one must also ask what the role of art in this is. How do we connect the blind spots, respectively, art and science? This seems to me a crucial question.


Frederik De Wilde
Lives in Brussels (BE)

Frederik De Wilde studied fine arts (MA) in St.-Lukas Brussels (painting) and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp (sculpture), experimental & audio-visual arts (MA)  in St.-Lukas Brussels, followed a pre-education in architecture, studied one year of philosophy (VUB). Frederik concluded his studies with a post-graduate degree in new media, arts and design at Transmedia in Brussels where he was initiated in software programming.

Furthermore, Frederik studied and worked abroad. For instance at the Johnson Atelier Technical Institute of Sculpture (USA), or the Escola Massana in Spain. Frederik collaborated with Groep-T, new media engineers at the University of Leuven (KUL), the robotics department of the University Brussels (VUB) and the Physics department of the University of Hasselt (UH), Rice University in Houston (USA), Karlsruhe University (DE), and currently NASA.

Frederik is now working as a guest professor at Transmedia Brussels and is a permanent artist in residence at the University of Hasselt.



Argosfestival (Brussels, Belgium – 2002), The Beursschouwburg (Brussels, Belgium – 2004), MaïsFestival  2004 (Brussels, Belgium – 2004), Matrix Arts Projects (Brussels, Belgium – 2004), Nadine, Art Center (Brussels, Belgium – 2005), TOR (Genk, Belgium – 2005), De Brakke Grond (Amsterdam, Netherlands – 2006), Lokaal 01 (Antwerp, Belgium -  2006), INTRO/insitu (Maastricht, Nederland – 2006), FutureSonic/Soundnetwork (Manchester, United Kingdom – 2007), FILE HiperSonica (Sao Paulo, Brazil – 2007), Foundation Vasarely (Aix-en-Provence, France – 2007), La Salle University (Philadelphia, USA – 2007), Roger Tator Gallery (Lyon, France – 2007),  Pierre Berge & associés, Brussels Designersweek (Brussels, Belgium – 2006), Soundwalk (USA – 2007), iDAT Interactive Design Art and Technology, an art/science event by Ars Electronica, Creative Korea, and Interactive Tokyo in the Singapore Science Centre (Singapore – 2007), Okno (Brussels, Belgium – 2006), Beursschouwburg (Belgium), Courtisane Festival (Ghent, Belgium – 2004), University Hasselt (Hasselt, Belgium, by Jan Hoet – 2008), NIME08 in Casa Paganini (Italy – 2008), Théâtre de l’Agora, scène nationale d’Evry et de l’Essonne, (Paris  ,France – 2008), Actionfields Gallery (Belgium), Center for Contemporary Art NETWERK (Aalst, Belgium – 2011),  Mediaruimte, LAb[au] EOD (Brussels,Belgium 2006), Mediaruimte, LAb[au] EOD02 (Brussels,Belgium 2006), Liedts-Meessen New Media Award (Ghent, Belgium, ZKM-Peter Weibel – 2008), Palais des Beaux Arts (Brussels, Belgium – 2008),  New Media Fest (Valencia, Spain – 2007),  Cinematheque, MediaCentre – media art environments at Le Musee di-visioniste (Cologne, France – 2007), Q-o2 (Brussels,Belgium – 2009), European Sound Delta (CNAM, France – Musée des Arts et Métiers + Hungary Szentendre Art Center, … Europe 2008),Palais des Beaux Arts (Belgium), Verbeke Foundation (Kemzeke, Belgium – 2009), World Creativity Forum, Flanders Creative & Add!ctlab (Antwerp, Belgium – 2008), CitySonics (Mons, Belgium – 2006), Order and Chaos Gallery  (Mechelen, Belgium – 2009), Kaaitheater Burning Ice (Brussels, Belgium – 2009), Scopitone Festival, Le Château des Ducs de Bretagne, (Nantes, France – 2009), Todaydays Art festival (Den Haag, Netherlands – 2008), Pluto Festival (Opwijk, Belgium – 2009), SecondRoom Gallery (Brussels, Belgium – 2009), Lightwave, Science Gallery Dublin (Dublin, Ireland – 2009 ), Streaming Media (Worldwide-Online), New York Hall of Sciences – Digital Mysteries in the Arts & Sciences  (New York, USA – 2009), STROOM center for contemporary art (Den Haag, Netherlands – 2010), Blind and Deaf (sportimonium, Mechelen, Belgium – 2010), Sankt Petter Köln Church (Cologne, Germany – 2010), Mediaruimte LAB[au] Hostage & NRS (Brussels, Belgium – 2010), The Opening of the Belgian Presidency of the Competitiveness Council (research & innovation) of the EU (Brussels, Belgium – 2010), in[form]  KunstZicht (Ghent, Belgium – 2010/11), Ars Electronica HOSTAGE (Linz, Austria – 2010), Ars Electronica DIE WELT IN 100 JAHRE (Linz, Austria – 2010), STRP arts and technology festival (Eindhoven, Netherlands – 2010), Parker Collegiate (New York, USA – 2010), Gogbot Art and Technology Festival (Enschede, Netherlands – 2010), Netwerk, Center for Contemporary Art The ‘Scape’ in Escape_February/March/April 2011_Aalst, Belgium, Netwerk, Center for Contemporary Art_Contra Landscapes_March 2011_Aalst, Belgium, Ososhere 2011 _ Mole Seegmuller, (Strasbourg, France ,11/02/2011 to 20/02/201), Fringe Festival (February/March 2011_Australia), MX7 Gallery, (March/April/May 2011_ Antwerp, Belgium), Transnatural (March 2011_ Amsterdam, Netherlands), Exit 2011 _ Creteil Maison des Arts (Créteil , France_ 10/03/2011 to 20/03/2011), VIA 2011 _ Le Manège (Maubeuge, France_ 24/03/2011 to 03/04/2011), Gare Saint Sauveur(Lille, France_ 15/04/2011 to 15/08/2011), Flanders House (New York, USA – 2011), I AM Hear To Stay (Mechelen, Belgium – 2011),  I AM HURT, Jan Colle Gallery (August/September 2011_Ghent, Belgium),

Selection –  Residencies

2005 Tor, Genk, Belgium. 2008 Netwerk Center for Contemporary Arts, Aalst, Belgium. 2008 Labau, Brussels, Belgium. 2008 – until present, University Hasselt, Hasselt, Belgium. 2008 European Sound Delta, Europe. 2009 Q-o2, with Jodi Rose, Brussels, Belgium (several times). 2010 Rice University, Houston, Texas, USA. 2010 TimeLab, Ghent, Belgium. 2010 Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria. 2008 – 20.. Hasselt University

Selection – Radio Interview

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Selection – Television

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Selection - Newspaper + Magazines

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Selection – CD compilations

2006 Sonic City – Transculture, Streamspace, Mons, Belgium. 2006 404 Electronic Festival Rosario, Argentina. 2007 Soundnetwork – Futuresonic, Victoria Baths, Manchester, Belgium. 2008 Kunstencentrum Netwerk, Aalst, Belgium.

Awards – Nominations – Grants

2008 Prix Médiatine, Price of the French Community, St.-Lambrechts Woluwe (winner). 2008 Liedts-Meesen New Media Award 2008 – Peter Weibel, curator (Nominated). 2008 Canvascollectie Award, Palais des Beaux Arts, Brussels (Nominated). 2009 Flemish Community, VGC – Art and Genetics Grant 2010 Ars Electronica [Next Idea] Voestalpine Grant (winner) 2010 SMARTbe Grant – Art, Nanotechnology and photovoltaics

Selection – Writing

2008 Add!ctLab in.tangible.scape.s

2010 m0t1v _ exhibition catalogue


2005 “Creativity” University of Leuven, Leuven, Belgium. 2007 ‘A Spark In The Darkness,’ Netwerk, Aalst, Belgium 2010 De Sociëteit, Amsterdam, Netherlands 2010 “Nano Art,” Stroom Center for Contemporary Art, Den Haag, Netherlands 2010 “Nano Art,” Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria

Frederik De Wilde is supported by the Flemish Ministry of Culture & The Flemish Community